horseshoe throwing summer gamesDuring the summer months, your lawn becomes the place to be as your family heads outside to play games and spend some quality time with each other. Thanks to Nichols Reliable your lawn looks and feels great. Now is the time to enjoy it! Here are three of our favorite summer lawn games to play when the weather is just too nice to stay inside.

Giant Jenga

We all know how high stakes regular Jenga can get. You’re so close to winning when one wrong move sends the tower of wooden blocks hurling towards you and your loved ones. Now imagine those blocks are 10x bigger. Fun, right? Take this giant Jenga set outside and enjoy your perfectly manicured lawn the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Be cautious not to stand too close to the blocks when they fall.


Spikeball is a game that has become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. Usually played in open spaces outside, Spikeball is the perfect combination of foursquare and volleyball. Individuals of all ages can enjoy this fast-paced and high-intensity game. A soft, green lawn is the perfect place to play. Make sure to clear the lawn of animal waste and debris.


Horseshoe is a classic game and a crowd favorite. This game is family friendly and involves minimal effort for a lot of fun. Rubber horseshoe sets allow for less damage to the lawn and quick setup and cleanup.

Get out this summer and enjoy your beautiful lawn with your family. Make sure your lawn is ready for your use this summer with our basic and concierge services. Whatever your lawn care needs are, remember to call the prompt and courteous professionals at Nichol’s Reliable Lawn Care & More at 479-502-2192.