Maintaining Your Lawn in the Summer Heat
Summer lawn care can be tricky. But with the right tips, you can avoid making these summer lawn mistakes and achieve a lush lawn. 

Summer Lawn Mistakes to Avoid

It’s that time of year when you step outside to enjoy your day and immediately want to seek refuge in your air-conditioned home. The Arkansas heat can be brutal on everyone and everything. You know to take special precautions with your family, pet, car, and clothes to stay safe. But, summer lawn mistakes can cause more damage during the heat. Here are three tips to keep your lawn looking great even during extreme heat.

#1 Mowing Too Short

When cutting your lawn, we suggest keeping your grass a little longer. Mowing grass too short hinders its ability to grow. Because different types of grass have growth habits that require unique mowing heights, there isn’t one recommended height. In these cases, it is always important to remember the one-third rule. Never remove more than one-third of the grass height. This will help ensure proper growth. Refrain from cutting grass during drought to save your grass from even more damage. The best times to cut grass are after rainfall or an irrigation system. Make sure the grass is dry before mowing over it to avoid clumping.  

#2 Leave Clippings Be

While many homeowners are used to collecting grass clippings, it is best to leave them. Grass clippings can act as a fertilizer for your lawn and provide many benefits during high heat. 

#3 Don’t Drown Your Lawn

Overwatering their lawns is one of the most prevalent mistakes homeowners make during extreme heat. While summer rains may be infrequent in Northwest Arkansas, it’s important to resist the urge to irrigate your lawn the next day after rain. Instead, water your lawn only when it appears dry, avoiding excessive watering that could lead to drowning your grass. Avoiding this common pitfall ensures your lawn remains healthy and vibrant even in scorching temperatures.

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