lawn care with pets tips, dog sleeping on grassWe all love our pets because they’re family. We want them to be happy and healthy, and who can say no when they flash us those puppy dog eyes? But the truth is, our pets can cause serious problems for our lawns. Whether it’s chewing up plants and fence pickets or leaving their waste to damage grass, our pets can get into a lot of trouble and cause a lot of stress on our lawns and landscapes. Here are a few lawn care with pets tips to help keep your lawn looking great.

Lawn Care With Pets Tips

Ensure your lawn stays in top shape while keeping your pets happy with these valuable lawn care with pets tips.

Start with Proper Training

It’s never too late to teach your pet a few tricks to make your life easier. The most important thing to remember is that consistency is key. Whether your pet is young or an established member of the family, training them to follow the rules in the yard is the first step to proper lawn training. The biggest problem many homeowners deal with is pet waste. We recommend training your pet to do their business in one area of the yard. This will minimize your inconvenience when walking around the yard and help with pet waste cleanup when the time comes.

Watch Out for The Grass

Another step in dealing with pet waste is to water down the soiled area. After you rid the area of solid pet waste, we recommend that homeowners hose down the grass to reduce urine damage to the lawn. When cutting grass, you can set your lawn mower on a higher level to stay taller. Taller grass helps discolored patches blend in better than low-cut grass.

Fix Current Lawn Damage

If your pet has caused noticeable damage to your yard, there is still time to bring your lawn back to life. Fertilizing low-growth areas and proper watering help keep your grass looking its best. Reseeding or adding new sod in the fall or spring can help with irreversible damage. After flushing the soiled areas with water, dig up and remove any dead grass. Take a handful of grass seed with potting soil and mix it. Pack this mix into the damaged area and keep it moist until the seeds sprout. If you want a quicker fix, cut a piece of sod and lay it over the damaged area.

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