Lawn Care Myths You Should Stop Believing, sprinkler systemThere are many tips and advice on how to keep your lawn green, lush, and healthy floating around out there. Some of it’s true; some of it’s not. Nichols Reliable Lawn Care professionals have gathered some of the most popular lawn care myths to help you weed through them. Read on to learn what you should stop believing about having the best lawn on the block.

Lawn Care Myths

Myth #1 You Should Water Your Lawn Every Day in the Evening

Watering your yard every day isn’t necessary. In truth, buying into this lawn care myth can be harmful. Your lawn can become dependent and needy if it has too much water.

Solution: Instead of watering your grass for fifteen minutes every day, water it one day a week for an hour. Doing this instead waters your lawn deeply, making it healthier and more drought tolerant.

Speaking of watering, another lawn care myth to throw out is that it’s best to water in the evening. Actually, the morning is better! Watering in the evening can cause fungus to grow. Anytime between 4 am and 10 am is preferred.

Myth #2 Cutting the Grass Short Equals Mowing Less Often

While it seems like a logical answer to mowing less often, cutting the grass short is not the best option for your lawn health. When it is cut too short, the roots of your grass can be overexposed to the hot sun which causes the lawn to turn brown. Also, it can encourage weed growth during dry, hot conditions.

Solution: Keep the mower blade raised during the hot summer months. It will provide the much-needed shade the roots need, and you’ll have yard everyone will envy.

Myth #3 Aerating Your Lawn is Useless

Aerating your lawn is a lot like changing the oil or brake pads in your car; it’s more of a “behind-the-scenes” type of help. It makes our list of lawn care myths because of this. It’s often overlooked and deemed useless because many people do not understand the benefits it offers under the surface.

Aerating your lawn is important for two reasons:

  • It stimulates root growth in the turf.
  • It Softens the soil and introduces oxygen which allows the roots to spread.

The aeration process breaks up compacted soil which allows water to pass through it more efficiently instead of sitting on top of the soil surface for long periods. Furthermore, it helps to protect the grass from diseases.

Solution: The solution is easy, make aeration part of your maintenance plan and stick to it.

Myth #4 Control Moles with Chewing Gum

Have you heard this one before? If you have, you guessed it; it’s most certainly a myth. You can’t kill moles with chewing gum, castor oil, cod liver oil, or tobacco.

Solution: Trapping is the most effective way to control and get rid of moles. Read more here about how to get rid of moles.

Myth #5 A Garden Hose is Just as Good as a Sprinkler system.

In theory, this common lawn care myth sounds plausible, but not in reality. If you’re using a water hose, then you probably aren’t watering the yard evenly. Uneven watering leaves certain areas overwatered, and others thirsty. It not only causes brown patches in your lawn but can increase your water bill.

Solution: Install a sprinkler system. Modern sprinkler systems help to conserve more water and make sure your grass gets and even drink.

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