landscaping preparation, blue flowersEmbarking on a successful gardening journey begins with landscaping preparation to set the stage for a flourishing and picturesque outdoor space.

Guide to Prepare Your Landscaping for Spring

A thriving garden starts with proper garden preparation, setting the stage for a bountiful and beautiful display in the upcoming seasons. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your garden ready for spring:

Pre-order Summer Flowering Bulbs and Seeds

Before winter ends, secure your summer flowering bulbs and seeds to kickstart your spring planting with a burst of colors and blooms.

Plant Summer Bulbs

As early spring arrives, plant summer bulbs like lilies, gladiolus, and Ranunculus, creating a stunning and vibrant floral show for the warmer months. Refer to our article for detailed planting instructions.

Tidy Up Flower Beds and Borders

Dedicate a day to clear away leaves, debris, and old dead growth from your flower borders, lawns, and ponds, ensuring a fresh canvas for your spring garden.

Sow Seeds Requiring Longer Seasons 

In January or February, sow seeds that need a longer growing season, such as Geraniums and Begonias, for robust and healthy plants in spring.

Eliminate Pests

Take preventive action against pests during winter by inspecting perennial plants closely for slugs, snails, and aphid colonies, saving you from troubles in the upcoming seasons.

Relocate Poorly Placed Shrubs

While shrubs are dormant in winter, consider moving poorly placed ones to more suitable locations. Ensure a successful transplant by digging a wide berth around the root system and providing adequate water.

Mend Fences, Gates, and Trellises

Utilize the winter period to repair and maintain fences, gates, and trellises, preparing your garden for spring and streamlining your planting experience.

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