Getting Rid of Lawn PestsWhen you spend time making your lawn look good, you feel accomplished. Imagine, one day you go out to inspect your yard and find that holes are everywhere, the dog is itching like crazy, and something has made your tomato plants into their breakfast. Yard pests are more than just a nuisance; they can be a liability. Make sure to stay knowledgeable on the causes and types of pests to keep your yard safe from infestation. Here are three common types of lawn pests and how to get rid of them.


Some people think moles are cute and some people think they are just dirty rodents. No matter how you view them, they still cause a lot of damage to lawns. Moles dig under your yard and can even have a whole network of tunnels running underneath it. While they do eat insects and grubs that can be harmful to your lawn, the damage they cause themselves is just not worth it. To safely remove a mole from your home you can use any mole repellent, and some have sworn by castor oil to encourage the animal to leave.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles love to eat the fruits of your labor, literally. These insects are known for chomping on whatever they please including fruits, flowers, vegetables, and plants. You can find these beetles pretty easily in your lawn or on your plants. To rid your yard of these pests try buying a Japanese beetle trap or using cedar oil spray.


While fleas cause no immediate damage to lawns, they do pose a threat to the hosts living in it. Fleas are small insects that live outside and then attach themselves to a host to feed on the blood. Unlike ticks, fleas do not stick with their host and can make their way around your home rapidly. To get rid of these nasty little insects use any yard insect killer. If the fleas have made their way into your home, there are a multitude of ways to rid your house of them. Make sure you choose the option safest for those living in the house. Find out how to rid your home of fleas here.

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