autumn, fall landscape tasks, leavesIt’s time to start preparing your lawn and landscape for colder temperatures. Completing essential gardening tasks in the fall will prepare your plants and lawn for the winter and have everything you need when spring returns. Here’s a list of fall landscape tasks to help you prepare.

#1 Feed Your Lawn

Feed your lawn in the fall to encourage root development. 

#2 Kill Perennial Weeds

Fall is the perfect time to kill perennial weeds in the lawn and in planting beds. 

#3 Edge & Mulch

Edge your lawn so that you have a clean look as the snow melts when spring arrives. Mulching helps to protect plants from damage that tends to heave (rise out of the ground) in the winter. 

#4 Plant Bulbs

Plant bulbs in the fall to allow for a jumpstart to spring growth.  

#5 Remove & Dispose

Remove any diseased or infested foliage to prevent more damage next year. 

#6 Prepare Roses

Prepare rose bushes for the winter months. By now, you should’ve stopped feeding them. Also, remove any fallen leaves to prevent diseases and insects. Read here for more information on how to prepare your roses for winter

#7 Wrap Trees

Wrap any newly planted smooth bark trees to prevent frost cracks and deer damage. 

#8 Apply Protectant to Evergreens

Spray evergreens with an anti-desiccant spray. The spray is a wax-like coating that helps evergreens avoid moisture loss in the winter. Read more about it here

#9 Rake Leaves

Slugs feed on decaying leaves. Remove fallen leaves around Hosta’s to expose and kill wintering slugs and their eggs. 

#10 Close Your Water Features

Clean and close up water features and ponds. 

#11 Plant

Fall is a great time to plant. You can plant well into November or until the ground freezes. 

Need Help With Your Fall Landscape Tasks?

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What other fall lawn tasks do you do for your lawn and landscaping?