ideas to enjoy nature, stuck at home, COVID-19, enjoy nature, ideas to enjoy nature, landscaping, mental and physical healthIn this time of social distancing, keeping ourselves healthy physically and mentally is vitally important. A dose of fresh air, sunshine, and a pleasant spring breeze can be beneficial. Here are five ideas to enjoy nature and still be safe. 

Stuck at Home? Try these five Ideas to enjoy nature.


Sunbathing doesn’t have to be poolside. While it may be too chilly to get a tan, soaking in some sun rays can benefit your mental well-being. Absorbing sunshine increases serotonin, which, when low, can increase depression, according to Healthline

Don’t forget to use your 60+ SPF sunscreen. 

Go for a Walk or a Hike

Find a less populated walking or hiking trail to get out in nature. A study by Harvard Health compared the brain activity of healthy people after a 90-minute walk in a natural or urban setting. They found that walking in nature lowered the prefrontal cortex activity in people. The prefrontal cortex is “a brain region active during rumination — defined as repetitive thoughts found on negative emotions.”

If the parks are closed or overpopulated, walk around a new neighborhood for a different scene. Keeping your distance, of course. 

Do Some Birdwatching

Ditch binge-watching streamed shows. Take up bird watching instead. Did you know that there are over 400 bird species in Arkansas? Grab some binoculars and see how many you can spot next time you’re out for a walk or a hike. 

Check out the many benefits of birdwatching.   

Fire Up the Grill

Spring weather is great for grilling. And since most restaurants are take-out only, why not create a fun dining experience in your backyard that the whole family can enjoy? Fire up the grill and enjoy the smokey veggies, meats, and more flavors. 

Develop Your Green Thumb

Why not try your hand at gardening? It is spring, after all. With all of us spending more time at home, now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden beds, removing dead leaves and sticks, and planting flowers. 

What other ideas to enjoy nature do you have to stay fit mentally and physically?

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