3 Practical Lawn Care Tips for a Rain-Soaked Yard, spring, lawn care maintenance, lawn care tipsAs a homeowner, it can be a challenge to care for your rain-soaked yard. While rain is great for the grass during the spring, it prevents you from keeping a regular lawn care routine. Here are three lawn care tips for maintaining a lush and healthy yard during prolonged wet weather. 

Lawn Care Tips for a Rain-Soaked Yard

1. Avoid Mowing Wet Grass

Avoiding mowing your grass can be hard to do when it rains a lot. However, mowing wet grass can do more harm than good. It’s better to let it grow taller than to cut it when it’s soaked. Also, mowing yourself or paying for lawn service when your yard is wet can cause compaction, ruts, and can stress the grass out further. 

2. Keep Off of Your Rain-Soaked Yard

Walking or using a soggy lawn can kill the grass by pulling out unstable roots. Plus, increased traffic can cause compaction. We recommend that you wait at least two days after a hard rain to use your yard as usual. 

3. Clean Up After a Heavy Rain

One of the most important lawn care tips that many homeowners neglect is cleaning up any debris after heavy rain or flooding. Check the low spots in your yard for debris, such as leaves and old grass clippings. If you spot any, remove them. Not cleaning up will cause dead spots that will require additional lawn care steps to correct. 

Long-Term lawn Care for Soaked Lawns

The above tips cover the weekly lawn care routine under wet conditions throughout the season, but here are a few more tips to consider over the long-term. 

Improve Drainage

If you have areas in your yard where water pools, you may want to improve drainage. Here are six methods to improve yard drainage.  

Aerate Lawn Regularly

Aerating your lawn will help it stay healthy before and after damp conditions. It will also help improve drainage and allow your grass to breathe more effectively during wet conditions. Read here to learn more about why aeration is an important part of lawn care

Hire a Professional

A lawn service professional can help you maintain your lawn from season to season and keep your lawn beautiful and healthy all year long. 

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