lawn care, winter planning, spring planting, best time to landscape design, landscaping, northwest arkansasEnsuring your landscaping project is a success depends on choosing the best time to landscape design. Winter is the best time to plan your landscape design, but spring is the best time to execute it. 

Winter is for Planning

Winter is for planning. Winter is ideal for changing or repairing walls or reshaping flower beds. Use this time to look for bare patches in the grass, find diseased plants, or spot unhealthy-looking soil. 

Don’t leave your landscape planning to the last minute, or you could miss out on popular trees and shrubs as soon as spring arrives. 

Begin shopping while the ground is still cold, and everything is dormant. Select the plants you want in your garden while out of season so you don’t battle last-minute planners who want the same plants as you. Purchase bulbs and seeds and preorder plants from local nurseries and gardens in winter. 

Protip! Timing isn’t the only thing to consider. Do your research or rely on a lawn care and landscape design company to advise you on what will thrive in your environment. Choose plants and flowers that are right for your yard and climate. 

Spring is for Planting

Spring is for planting. Most plants, flowers, and shrubs react poorly to temperature fluctuations. They thrive when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. Comfortable spring temperatures allow plants and shrubs to establish their root systems equipping them to survive the summer heat. 

If you’re planting this spring, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Consider ground conditions. Before planting, make sure the ground conditions are right. The soil shouldn’t be too wet from the spring rain, or your plants may not survive. 
  • Cold-tolerant plants such as violas, pansies, and primroses will perform well in the spring but fade as hot weather begins. 
  • Avoid planting flowers and plants that aren’t tolerant of late spring heat. They may struggle to draw nutrients and die. 

Fall is the next best season for landscaping if you miss the spring planting window.

The Best Time to Landscape Design

Whether you’re building a new home, rehabbing your current landscaping, or planning for commercial landscaping, getting an early start will help you stay on top of your garden space. Nichols Reliable Lawn Care & More can help you with your landscaping and lawn care needs year-round for a beautiful yard. Call us today for a FREE estimate. 479.502.2192