switch lawn care services, company, northwest arkansas, yard services, green lawn, weed control, professional lawn care, healthy grass, Breaking up is hard, but sometimes it’s necessary. When you invest in a lawn care service, you expect certain results. If they’re not living up to their end of the bargain, there’s no reason to continue to be unhappy. It’s time to break up and switch lawn care services. 

Signs It’s Time to Switch Lawn Care Services

When your lawn care service becomes frustrating and does not meet your needs, it may be time to switch lawn care services.

1. You Don’t See an Improvement

Weed control, lush green grass, and pest control are some of the primary reasons you hire a lawn care company. If you’re investing in lawn care and not seeing improvements, or suggestions for how to achieve them, it might be time to switch lawn care companies. 

Poor weed control. Weeds are frustrating and probably one of the main reasons you hired a lawn care service in the first place. If you don’t see weed control improvement, you must question whether they fit. 

Poor lawn color or thickness. You want a lush, green lawn. Whether you lack the time or expertise to achieve the lawn you want, it’s one of your reasons for subscribing to landscaping services. If your grass struggles with color or thickness, and your lawn care company hasn’t offered any solutions, it might be time to break up. There are often simple solutions to fix these issues. And they should suggest them to you. 

Insect damage. Insects are destructive to lawns and landscaping. If insects have become troublesome and your lawn care company isn’t addressing them, these are valid reasons for switching lawn care services. 

2. Poor Communication 

Unfortunately, poor communication is a common issue in the lawn care industry. 

A lawn care company not returning your phone call is frustrating. You should be able to get ahold of them when you have a question or concern. Or they should at least call you back in a reasonable time. Not returning phone calls, not showing up when they say they will, or failing to notify you that they’ve been there are all communication problems. 

But not all companies are like this. When you invest in lawn care service, you deserve the best. Don’t settle.  

3. Lack of Professionalism

Professional lawn care technicians should be professional, reliable, knowledgeable, and dressed appropriately.  

If they lack professionalism, you should wonder what other poor choices they make on your lawn. It’s a red flag that it’s time to cancel.   

4. Technicians Feel Unsafe

You should feel comfortable with the company’s technical on your property. If you feel uneasy when they show up, it’s time to let them go.   

5. Poor or No Customer Service

Good customer service should be part of the overall experience. If it’s not, it becomes a frustrating experience, and it might be time to move on. 

Before you Break Up

Before you switch lawn care services:

  1. Have an open discussion with your current lawn care company.
  2. Let them know they aren’t meeting your expectations.
  3. Allow them to address those concerns. If you have already talked, but they still aren’t measuring up, let them know why you are canceling your services.  

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