lawn care, summer weeds, control, prevention, crabgrass, dandelion, clover, Northwest Arkansas, lawn services, maintenance, landscaping, mowing, weedingWeeds germinate in the summer when your lawn is under stress from the heat, humidity, and drought. To understand summer weed control, you must first understand the two main groups of weeds you’ll encounter. 

Two Main Groups of Weeds

Weeds fall into two major groups: 

  1. Grassy Weeds. Grassy weeds, like crabgrass, are harder to control because they look just like grass. Once you notice them, it’s too late to stop them from germinating but not treating them.
  2. Broadleaf Weeds. Broadleaf Weeds. Broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, ground ivy, and white clover are easier to identity and control. 

Summer Weed Control Tips

The key to proper summer weed control is early prevention and year-round maintenance. Battle summer weeds with these tips.

Early Prevention

Early Prevention is key to summer weed control. Common weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions spread their seed in the fall. They lay dormant until the rising temperatures and increased sunshine of spring and summer help them germinate. Pre-emergent herbicides can help make a huge dent in weed control. When applied at the appropriate time, it will coat the seeds and prevent them from sprouting. 

Hand Weeding

Hand weeding is the best defense on small lawns where the number of weeds isn’t overwhelming. And it’s most effective against annual broadleaf weeds. When hand weeding, get a good grip on the whole plant. If you can pull the root out, you’re less likely to see it again. But if you pull the top off, it’s more likely to grow back. Once the weed is gone, keep the lawn healthy to discourage weed growth. 

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Some weeds are indicators of poor growing conditions. For example, clover grows in low nitrogen soil, which means the grass needs fertilization. Ground ivy grows well in the shade. Keeping shrubs pruned properly to allow for more sunlight can help reduce their regrowth. 

Weed and Feed

Use products or lawn care services that keep weeds away and feed your grass. Proper fertilization guards against more weeds popping up. Create the best growing environment by using weed and feed in June and July. 

Healthy Lawns are Weed-Free Lawns

Weed seeds need plenty of sunlight to sprout. That’s why they seem to take over bare spots. However, if you keep your lawn healthy with proper lawn care maintenance, it should grow thick enough to keep the sunlight from reaching those seedlings embedded in the soil. 

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