lawn care, maintenance, landscaping, commercial landscaping, property management, commercial lawn care services, professional lawn care, business property owner, northwest arkansas, lawn care company, local lawn careProperty management is so much more than lawn mowing. It’s treating and caring for the entire lawn and landscaping. 

A business property with bare spots, weeds, and overgrown grass does not make a good first impression. 

Ensuring your commercial lawn stays green, full, and healthy requires vigilant care and regular yearly maintenance.

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful Year-Round

Great property management includes hiring a commercial lawn care service. Beyond mowing, professional lawn care services include but are not limited to the following. 

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a good time to identify and address potential problems before they become more serious and costly issues to fix. It’s an excellent time to tidy up, test the soil, weeding, fill bare patches with seeds, add mulch, and fertilize. 

Fall Cleaning

Keeping a commercial lawn well-manicured is a big job in the fall. You can expect leaf removal and pruning in the fall. Other services might include weeding, aeration, fertilization, and tree and bush trimming.

Landscape Bed Care

Landscape bed care includes flower installation, mulch, and blowing or raking leaves. Bed care also includes weeding and pest prevention. 


Fertilizer application is also included in property management lawn care. Fertilization helps strengthen the grassroots to absorb more water quickly than unhealthy roots can. 

Pest Control

Your landscaping is a part of nature’s ecosystem that animals and insects are a part of. Keeping those pests under control so they don’t destroy your lawn and landscaping is critical for property management and lawn care services.

Disease Treatment

Lawn disease can be detrimental to lawn and landscaping. The primary contributors to lawn disease are excessive rain, heat, and humidity. And each plant species on your property will be vulnerable to different diseases. The most important step you can take to prevent disease is ensuring good soil health. Professional lawn care companies ensure that your lawn is well-nourished with proper fertilization. And if disease crops up, treat it immediately! 

A Beautiful Lawn Attracts More Customers 

Your lawn’s appearance represents how you do business. Keeping your lawn beautiful year-round shows clients you pay attention to detail, cultivating a professional appearance. 

Property Management Lawn Care Services

Commercial lawns are a big investment. Don’t let it get untidy or fall into disrepair! Scheduling regular lawn maintenance with our lawn care services allows you to maintain a beautiful and professional business exterior without the hassles. Contact Nichols Reliable Lawn Care & More today for a FREE estimate. 479.502.2192