may lawn care, tips, lawn care in may, summer lawn care, late spring, healthy lawn, lawn maintenance, mowing in may, reseeding, fertilization, fertilizer, lawn care tasks May and June are the peak months of the year for grass growth. Your lawn will need your full attention, energy, and enthusiasm this time of year. Here are some of our top May lawn care tips. 

May Lawn Care Tips

Keep your lawn healthy and luscious by caring for your lawn in late spring. 

May is an excellent time for weed control, fertilizing, mowing, aeration, seeding, and lawn repair. Tackling these jobs in May will make your gardening workload lighter. Here are some more great May lawn care tips. 

Mowing in May

Soil temperatures increase as the weather warms, which causes significant grass growth. More growth means mowing more often in May than you did in April. We recommend once a week. 

Resist the urge to cut the lawn short. Grass height is important for lawn health. Scalping the grass can weaken the grass and encourage weed growth. Focus on frequent mowing to keep it tidy and encourage healthy growth. 

Customer Questions and Answers

We get a lot of great questions from homeowners. Here are some to help you with your lawn care. 

Is May too late to fertilize my lawn?

No. May is not too late to fertilize. Feeding by April is best, but you can still do it in May using a spring and summer fertilizer.  

Can I scarify my lawn in May? 

Yes. You can scarify your lawn. It is an active state of growth. Remove the dead grass, moss, and debris before they prevent water from reaching the roots. Again, April is the best time, but May works if you missed the window. If the weather is very warm or dry, wait until fall to scarify instead. 

Can I reseed my lawn in May?

Yes. Reseeding in May is fine, but it will need warmth and moisture to germinate. Keep an eye on moisture level and consider watering if you are overseeding in May. 

What other May lawn care tasks should I complete?

May lawn care also includes these tasks. 

  • Kill weeds and moss before they sprout, grow, and seed
  • Trim edges for tidy-looking turf
  • Repair any lawn damage
  • Prune winter damage from your plants and bushes
  • Move furniture, pools, rugs, and other patio equipment around regularly to avoid starving grass plants of sunlight
  • Avoid mowing after heavy rain if the grass is “bending down.” Wait until it is standing back up, showing it’s dry enough to cut.  
  • Treat for grubs or sod webworms, especially if you have a history of getting them
  • Begin fungicide-preventative treatments

What do I need to do for a healthy lawn all year?

Lawn care maintenance is a year-round chore. Check out this lawn care calendar or call a professional lawn care service to ensure your lawn stays beautiful and healthy all year. 

Year-Round Lawn Care in Northwest Arkansas

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