fall lawn care, myths, fact vs fiction, landscaping, northwest arkansas, lawn care serviceFall is when many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief that lawn care season is over. But is it? We are busting some fall lawn care myths so you can set your yard up for success in the following seasons.

7 Common Fall Lawn Care Myths

Fall lawn care is as important as during the growing season. Today, we are separating fact from fiction. Here are seven common fall lawn care myths.

Myth. Fallen leaves insulate my lawn against the cold.

Fact. Letting leaves cover your lawn could be harming your grass. A blanket of leaves prevents sunlight and air from reaching your grass. It causes sogginess that attracts disease, fungi, critters, and many other harmful things. 

Myth. I have to remove all the leaves from my yard. 

Fact. A thick layer of leaves can smother your grass. However, removing all the leaves isn’t necessary either. Leaving some leaves on your grass could enrich your lawn with healthy nutrients. We recommend mowing over them and leaving the clippings to decompose. You can even use the shredded leaves as mulch for your flower beds. 

Myth. Grass goes completely dormant in the fall.

Fact. The grass isn’t dormant yet. It’s still growing until the first hard frost of the season. You’ll still need to find the right balance for watering and mowing. Regularly keep mowing until it enters dormancy. And as a bonus, it will help keep the falling leaves under control. 

Myth. I can stop watering my grass.

Fact. Continuing to water rejuvenates your grass after hot summer temps. You may miss an important recovery period if you stop watering too soon. Help your grass enter the winter in good condition so it can thrive in the spring. We recommend watering your grass about an inch per week, including rainfall. 

Myth. Cutting the grass shorter will help me mow less. 

Fact. Summer mowing season has been long. We get it. But fall isn’t the time to ease up on your mowing routine. Cutting it low may lengthen the time between mows. Short grass allows weeds to get more sunlight and compete with your turf. Short grass also has a shallower root system, making it vulnerable to drought. Remember never to cut off more than a third of the grass blade while mowing. You may mow less, but you could jeopardize all that hard work.     

Myth. I can stop feeding my lawn since it’s fall. 

Fact. Depending on the type of grass, you may need to continue feeding it. Cooler climate grasses thrive in the fall. And right now is the best time to fertilize them.  

Myth. Spiked shoes will help aerate my lawn.  

Fact. Lawn aeration creates holes in the soil to promote drainage and allow for helpful microorganisms to thrive. Many homeowners believe they are aerating their grass if they wear spiked shoes as they walk across their lawns. The reality is that this is inefficient unless you plan to spend the entire day walking across our lawn. The best way to aerate your lawn is to hire a professional lawn care service or rent an aerator. 

Did we help to dispel any fall lawn care myths you might have heard? We hope so. Don’t wait to nurture a healthy lawn in the spring. Take the time to work on it right now. Give your yard the tools it needs to thrive with a professional lawn care service. Contact Nichols Reliable Lawn Care & More today for a FREE estimate. 479.502.2192