easy lawn care, resolutions, goals, new year, curb appeal, nichils reliable, lawn care service, northwest arkansas, mowing,maintenance, weed control, landscapingThe New Year is here! For many, that means new resolutions and goals. While eating healthier or getting more exercise are great goal-setting areas, imagine how amazing your lawn would look if you included it in your resolutions. Here are five easy lawn care resolutions you can keep this year.   

Create Landscaping You Want to See

Make this year about creating the landscaping you want to see. Lawn care doesn’t have to be about basic maintenance. Plan your lawn’s look and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Water Responsibly

Understand how to water your lawn responsibly. The amount of water your grass needs depends on the season, climate, and type of grass you have. Overwatering is as damaging to your turf as underwatering. Overwatering can lead to shallow roots, lawn disease, and pest infestation

Mow Properly

Proper mowing leaves your lawn looking fresh and attractive. It promotes thick, lush growth. But leaving it too high or crippling its health with a buzz cut is not a good look for your lawn or curb appeal. Easy lawn care benefits of consistent and precise mowing include:

  • Natural Curb Appeal
  • Consistently Growing Grass
  • Natural Pest Control
  • Fewer Weeds

Easy Lawn Care Resolutions

Many New Year’s resolutions are forgotten within a few weeks. Meeting the goal of a great-looking yard is simple to keep, especially if you hire a lawn care professional. Make one of your goals this year to give your lawn the gift of efficient and healthy lawn care service. Nichols Reliable Lawn Care and More is your easy button for meeting your lawn care goals this year. Call our team today for a FREE estimate. 479.502.2192

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