Lawn Maintenance TipsThough it’s still cold and icy outside it’s never too early to be thinking about Spring. The flowers, green grass, and trees full of life are things we all look forward to when the weather starts warming up. Wouldn’t that sweet reunion with your lawn be even more satisfying if it came back looking better than before? Here are 3 tips to help you prepare your Winter lawn for Spring.

Get off the grass!                               

During Winter months when our lawns look brown and dead it is easy to forget to keep foot traffic to a minimum. When your grass is green and full of life it’s like a warning signal to keep off the grass. Remember that even during Winter months walking on grass can cause compaction. Compaction is when the soil becomes tightly packed because it has a lot of continuous pressure and weight put on it. Compacted soil results in reduced pore space and reduced water infiltration and drainage. Simply put, your soil will be so tightly compacted that it cannot properly take in water, nutrients, and fertilizers.

Keep a tidy lawn

Leaving items like kiddie pools, hoses, and toys can ruin the grass around this area. The grass will die under these items and will not grow back the same during the Spring. Even though it is Winter there is still time to move these items. When the lawn is clear of debris, it can grow evenly. Leaving items out while the new grass is trying to grow underneath can cause a spotty and unsightly lawn. Keep it clean and keep it healthy!

Spring lawn care

One big mistake that lawn owners make is starting too late to prepare their lawns for Spring. To get that bright and beautiful green lawn this Spring apply a pre-emergent and fertilizer. A pre-emergent can help to prevent weeds and should be applied early March before the temperatures rise above the mid-fifties. Fertilizer should be applied later in the Spring when it is warmer to help provide nutrients for your grass to last through the high temperature months.

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