3 Common Causes, Winter Lawn Damage, winter kill, snow mold, Crown Hydration, Winter DesiccationWinter isn’t an easy time for humans or plants. The snow, freezing temperatures, dry wind, and hungry critters can all take their toll on dormant yards, causing winter lawn damage. When the snow melts, if you begin to see large parts of dying or dead turf emerge, you may be experiencing winter lawn damage.

What Causes Winter Lawn Damage?

Winter lawn damage (aka Winter Kill) happens for three reasons: crown hydration, winter desiccation, and snow mold. 

Crown Hydration

Crown hydration is one of the most destructive yet least preventable forms of winter kill. It commonly occurs during the late winter months when warmer daytime temperatures cause the snow to melt, followed by rapid freezing temperatures. These extreme temperature fluctuations cause thawing and rapid refreezing, creating ice crystals in the grass cells that rupture and cause plant death. 

Low-lying, poorly drained soils prone to standing water are most at risk. Crown hydration damage can vary from extreme turf death to minor damage.  

Winter Desiccation

Winter desiccation is a common winter injury. It occurs when a plant loses excessive moisture for two reasons. 

  1. It’s not drawing enough moisture from the ground because it is too frozen.
  2. Dry wind removes the moisture too quickly. 

Plants can’t survive without water. If it loses too much water, it becomes desiccated. Winter desiccation affects non-native plants, tender perennials, or evergreens.

Snow Mold

The final cause of winter lawn damage on our list is snow mold. Snow mold is a fungus in the excess thatch and matted grass under the snow. Snow mold appears after the snow melts. It forms fuzzy or web-like patches of diseased grass, which typically grow circularly. Snow mold most commonly occurs when snow falls on the ground that’s not yet frozen. You can take measures to stop it before it starts

If you suspect Winter Kill in your yard, call a lawn care professional to help you repair your lawn.

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