lawn care, indoor plants, easy, low-maintenance, houseplants, national indoor plants weekBusy life, but still love having live plants in your home? We’ve got you covered. In honor of National Indoor Plant Week, we compiled a list of easy indoor plants anyone can grow. 

15 Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

You may have no idea where to start with an endless variety of houseplants. What you DO know is that you need plants that pretty much grow themselves. Check out this list of houseplants that are hard to kill, whether you have a green thumb or not. 

  1. Snake Plants are popular for a reason. This plant is incredibly hands-off and easy to grow. They don’t need much sunlight and are very tolerant. Let them get dry between watering. 
  2. Spider Plants do best in bright, indirect sunlight but will tolerate low areas of light—water when the top two inches of the soil is dry, and it will be a happy plant. 
  3. Tradescantia Zebrina loves bright indirect sunlight. Make sure to water when the top inch of the soil dries and give it a bit of fertilizer each month. Watch out for yellow leaves, which means you’re over-watering. 
  4. Pothos are some of the most foraging houseplants out there. They can tolerate low light and bright light. You can pretty much just put them anywhere in your home. For best results, water when the top inch of the soil dries out. 
  5. The Chinese Evergreen (Silver Bay Aglaonema) requires minimal effort and water to keep it happy. Let the soil dry out between watering.  
  6. Succulents are super low-maintenance. However, if you overwater, you can cause them to rot. Water them, at most, twice a month, and you’re good to go!
  7. Anthuriums are great beginner plants. Depending on the size, you can water around every two weeks with occasional fertilizing. 
  8. Monsteras are adaptable to almost all light conditions and somewhat drought tolerant. 
  9. Parlor Palms thrive in warm, brightly filtered light and light watering. It’s best to be on the dry side with these plants versus too wet in warm months. Water even less in the winter. 
  10. Wax Plants are among the easiest indoor plants anyone can grow. They do best when they get plenty of sunlight. Let the top inch or two of the soil dry out between watering, and you’re golden.
  11. Sansevieria is a hardy plant that does well in any lighting condition. They don’t need much water and aren’t sensitive to temperature changes. They’re also known for their air-purifying properties. 
  12. The ZZ Plant is virtually indestructible. It prefers to be a bit on the dry side. So, if you’re notorious for forgetting to water the plants, this is for you.  
  13. Philodendron Heartleaf plants are adaptable and love indirect sunlight. It does like consistent watering but is very forgiving if you forget every once in a while. 
  14. The Hedgehog Aloe is a low-maintenance cousin to the Aloe Vera. It needs plenty of sunlight, requires little watering, and you can keep it outside in the summer. 
  15. Aglaonemas thrive in nearly every light condition except direct sunlight. It does love moist soil, so consistent watering is important. 

What are some of your favorite indoor plants anyone can grow? Comment and let us know. 

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