We offer the highest QUALITY and RELIABILITY in customer service which includes:

Character – (not being one, but having one)
  • Punctual – based on scheduled service terms and weather.
  • Efficient – Why? Because we cannot be affordable if we aren’t efficient.  Meaning: We are methodical in the patterns in which we service every area of a client’s property. This method is trained into every one of our team members. We use the proper up to date technology in machinery.  Which in turn saves us time and you money.
Reliable – In the previously mentioned methods as well as…
  • Communication:
  • Billing – Is sent 7 days in advance. (we know everyone is busy these days, so we create a little margin of time so that you can be on time with your payment).
  • Scheduling – For those who have services such as lawn maintenance, landscape bed weed maintenance and or pet waste maintenance. (you will have a scheduled day of the week in which we service your property).
  • Weather – We will typically coordinate (within reason) an adjusted time in which to work around the weather.
Respectful in:
  • Appearance
  • Clean (as much as can be expected)
  • Uniform (everyone wearing company T’Shirts)
  • Conduct/Trust
    • Speech (no foul language or gestures)
    • Approachable
    • Cooperative
    • Willing to find a solution should a problem arise.
  • Possessions
    • Property– such as garage code’s (normally only handled by myself the business owner unless given written consent by the client).
    • Pets
      • Directly (friendliness toward animals, as much as can be expected per various breeds and upbringing)
      • Indirectly (shutting gates keeping the animals safe)
    • Children
      • Directly (being extra safe and sensitive with our language)
      • Indirectly (shutting gates keeping the children safe)
    • Insured– we are insured
    • Awareness– at all times (within reason) Note: we do not allow our ground crew team members to have and or where any form of music player on themselves while servicing the property unless given consent in audio or written form from both the property owner and our company.
    • Watching out, so as to not cause harm physically through neglect of awareness of our machine operations casting debris toward pets and or adult and children.
    • Gear– all employees are required by our company to wear eye protection when powered machinery is present.