tree trimming, tree removal, when to prune treesTree Trimming vs. Removing? How do you know when it’s time to prune or cut down the trees on your property? Let’s find out.

How to Know When to Prune Trees

Plants and trees make your home and business exterior more relaxing and inviting. It also keeps your indoor environment cooler. However, they also require maintenance.

With lawn and landscaping maintenance, timing is key! Here are some signs it’s time to trim your trees. 

Hanging branches. Hanging branches can fall on your roof and cause damage or injury to people on your property. 

Excessive growth. Trim branches that grow longer and thicker than others since they can be prone to break in strong winds. 

Weak branches. Weekend branches can fall to the ground unexpectedly, causing injury or damage. 

Dead limbs. Cut infected or dying limbs off immediately. Trimming dead limbs can prevent infection or pests from spreading. 

Unusual growth. Unusual growth can lead to weight imbalances and bent trees. 

Curved branches. While curved branches are an amazing sign of a tree’s resilience to extreme weather and other calamities, keeping them attached to the tree is not safe. 

Tree Trimming vs. Removing

Deciding whether to prune or cut down a tree depends on a couple of factors—where it’s located and how much you need to be removed. 

Should I get my tree trimmed or cut down?

Questions to Ask When Considering Tree Removal

Are you considering removing a tree on your property? Here are some questions to ask yourself. 

Is the nuisance temporary? 

If the tree causes too much shade and has many broken or infested branches, it’s better to trim it instead of cutting it down. 

However, if the tree is unstable, dead, or a danger to the surrounding, it’s best to cut it down completely. 

How big is the tree?

Tree size determines the cost of tree removal. So deciding whether to trim or remove it will depend on several factors. These include

  • Number of branches
  • Branch size
  • Tree height
  • Trunk diameter
  • Tree structure

Once you have all these, you can see which option requires more work.  

Are there any obstacles?

Determining if there are any obstacles, such as power lines or buildings, can help you determine whether to have the tree trimmed or removed. 

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