lavender summer lawn flowersSummer is the perfect time to get some sun and fill your garden with beautiful flowers and plants. Choosing the right flowers can be difficult when you want your lawn to last through the humid Northwest Arkansas summer. It is important to choose flowers that can take the heat and still look great. Here are our three top choices for trendy summer flowers that will survive the summer and take your lawn to the next level.


                This might not be a familiar sounding plant to many, but stonecrops are actually flowering plants within the succulent family. Succulents have become a huge trend over the last year and there are many reasons why. On top of being a uniquely stunning plant they are incredibly easy to deal with when it comes to lawn care.  Stonecrops can thrive in excessive heat and require little attention other than watering.


                The benefits of lavender go far beyond its charming look. Lavender’s sweet aroma repels many summer insects including mosquitoes, moths, flies, and fleas. For many homeowners this is already a great selling point, but lavender is also known to provide benefits to humans as well. Lavender promotes restful sleep, reduces stress, and can improve your mood. This flower should last through the winter and come back in full bloom when spring arrives. 


                Petunias never go out of style. This classic flower has been a staple to colorful summer lawns for decades and home owners keep coming back to them. Petunias offer beautiful color options and are a prime choice for lawns in need of blue and purple shades.

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