lawn care mistakes, DIY lawn care, lawn maintenance, nichols reliable, professional lawn care service, northwest arkansas, lawn discoloration, yellow lawn, brown lawn, fertilizer mistakesWhen it comes to maintaining your home, you’ll likely consider whether you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Lawn care is no different. Besides time and money, various other factors are often overlooked when choosing DIY lawn care or investing in lawn care service. 

We don’t want you to get stuck with a “DIY fail” that you could’ve avoided. So, we put together some helpful advice you might want to consider before doing it yourself. 

What Could Go Wrong with DIY Lawn Care?

One of the questions you may be wondering right now is, “What could go wrong?” Most lawn care tasks don’t seem overly complicated. You may recognize room for error but don’t realize how much. The last thing you want is to end up with lawn problems that harm your home’s look and performance because of a mistake. 

Here are 3 common problems where DIY lawn care can go wrong. 

1. Lawn Burn

Fertilizer and weed control products applied at the wrong time or rate of application can burn your lawn. It’s a fairly easy mistake, so don’t feel bad if this sounds familiar. 

A burnt lawn is a frustrating setback that damages and creates bare patches. Returning your lawn to health will take time, depending on the severity. 

2. Lawn Striping

If you’ve ever used Google Maps or looked at an aerial photo of a home, chances are you’ve noticed yards with ugly dark brown and yellow lawn stripes caused by the misapplication of fertilizer. Fertilizing your lawn doesn’t sound that hard, but it’s more complicated than you realize. Coverage and application rate is critical when applying fertilizer. The spreader and rate at which you walk factor into the equation. 

3. Overall Lawn Discoloration

Lawn discoloration can also be the result of DIY lawn care mistakes. It can result from:

  • Pests, disease, or mowing the grass too short can cause the yard to turn brown or yellow. 
  • Dull blades on your lawnmower can damage your lawn’s health and cause it to turn yellow. 
  • Infrequent mowing is another common mistake homeowners make. If you wait too long between mows, you may need to make a dramatic cut. Dramatic cuts are quite traumatic for the lawn. It can cause its health to suffer and turn yellow as a result. 

Other DIY Lawn Care Mistakes

Other mistakes that can negatively affect the overall health and look of your lawn include:

  • Watering Improperly
  • Turf Disease
  • Insect Damage
  • Soil pH Issues
  • Compaction
  • And More

These DIY lawn care mistakes could hinder you from having the deep, dark green grass you desire. 

Choose a Gorgeous, Hassle-Free Lawn

We hate to see you waste time and money on a DIY lawn care plan gone awry. When you invest in a professional lawn care service, you’re investing in an incredibly valuable asset, peace of mind.

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