Guide to summer lawn care, nichols reliable, landscaping, lawn service, maintenanceThe secret to a successful summer lawn is tackling the right steps at the right time. Learn what your yard needs to look its best. Use this summer lawn care guide to transform your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood.

Summer Lawn Care Guide

Mow High

A gorgeous summer lawn starts with long, deep, healthy roots that snake through to find moisture. The best way to encourage deep roots is to mow high. Mow as high as you can for your type of grass. Keep the mower blade sharp to ensure a clean cut to help reduce moisture loss. 

Read here to learn the proper mowing height for your type of grass. 

Treat for Grubs

Protect your yard from grubs. These pests munch their way through the grass’s roots, resulting in dead patches. GTreatyour lawn if you had a problem last year or your neighbor is fighting off grubs. The best time to treat is before or after hatching, usually in late spring or early summer. 


Proper watering will keep your grass healthy this summer. Provide at least one inch of water per week through rainfall or irrigation. The best time to water is early morning (between 6 and 10 am) to minimize water loss through evaporation. 


Both warm and cool season types of grasses benefit from summer feeding. Fertilizing helps to fuel and sustain summer grass growth. It also helps drive water into dry soils. Nutrition contributes to building strong, deep roots so that even in the heat of summer, you can have a green lawn.  

Hire a Lawn Care Professional

If you aren’t sure how to care for your lawn this summer, hire a professional. Contact Nichols Reliable Lawn Care & More for all your lawn care and landscaping needs. We also offer many concierge services, complete design, and installation of any lawn, landscape, and irrigation project to fit your needs.