fall, seeding grass, turf grass, lawn care, maintenance, healthy grass, springWhy start seeding grass in the fall? So many things make this time of year special. One thing worth celebrating is your yard! Just as leaves start turning colors and temperatures cool down, you should consider seeding grass for stronger growth come springtime – it’ll be worth a little extra work now when it’s time to start sporting shorts again.

Seeding Grass: Why Early Fall Is The Best Time

This blog post discusses five advantages for homeowners who choose to keep their grass healthy and beautiful. Nichols Reliable Lawncare & More knows how important first appearances can be, so let us tell you why we believe seeding grass in the fall leads to beautiful yards. 

  1. Fall is the perfect time to seed your grass because of the ideal weather conditions. The cooler temperatures are easy on the grass seedlings. The days are shorter, so the seedlings are less likely to get too much sun. The soil is still warm from the summer heat, which helps germination. There is also more rainfall in the fall, which helps to keep the seedlings hydrated.
  2. Another advantage is fewer weeds. Weeds compete with grass seedlings for sunlight, water, and nutrients. By seeding your grass in the fall, you can avoid this problem. 
  3. Grass seeded in the fall will have a head start in the spring. Grass seedlings started in the fall will be bigger and stronger when they emerge in the spring. This can help to create a lush, green lawn earlier in the spring. 
  4. The fourth advantage of seeding your grass in the fall is that it is easier to manage control of the seedlings. Other tasks often need to be done around the yard in the spring. This can make it difficult to keep an eye on the seedlings. However, in the fall, you can focus on the seedlings and ensure they get enough water and sunlight. 
  5. Finally, seeding your grass in the fall can save you money. Grass seed is often cheaper in the fall than it is in the spring. Seeding your grass in the fall can help you save money while still getting a great lawn. 

Seeding grass in the fall has many advantages. Between the weather, less competition for resources in your yard, and saving money, seeding in the fall can be a game changer for your yard. 

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