Guide to Fertilize Your Lawn, Seasonal Tips for Feeding Your LawnGuide to Fertilize Your Lawn

It can be a challenge deciding when to fertilize your lawn. Following the instructions on a bag of fertilizer is not always the best method. Why? The reason is the natural growth cycle of your grass which dictates the specific times to fertilize. If you fertilize at the wrong time, it can have the opposite effect and cause weakening or damage to the grass and landscaping. Follow these tips to fertilize your lawn.


A common misconception is to fertilize at the first sign of nice weather in the spring. If you have a consistent lawn care regimen in place, then there will be enough nutrients in the reserves to last through most of the spring. By late spring, the carbohydrates begin to decline, and this is when it’s time to apply fertilizer for the growing season ahead.

Read here to learn about carbohydrates for grass and why it’s important. 


If you fertilized in late-spring, your lawn uses its carbohydrate reserves to get through the ups and downs of summer. By late summer, the drought, heat, frequent mowing, and other stresses have put a strain on the grass. Late-summer, it’s time to fertilize your lawn again. This feeding is considered the bridge to get the lawn through fall.


Late fall is the time to start thinking about the next season. Giving your lawn a substantial feeding at this time will help it green-up quickly in the spring. This application is essential for the grass growth in the spring without interfering with its natural growth cycle. The goal is to nourish the lawn for its winter hibernation.

Get Local Advice

Growth cycles can vary depending on the climate and behavior of various types of grass. Fertilizer bags you can buy from the store have generic recommendations. They don’t take into account the natural growth cycle for your grass and your climate. A better source for tips on lawn care is a professional lawn care service who understands how to care for the plants and grass in your area.  

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