june bug insectIf you’ve ever been outside in the evening during June, you know there’s nothing quite like the buzzing sound of a June Bug. But while they may be annoying, do June Bugs bite? Are they dangerous? 

Let’s explore what makes these bugs so prevalent every June and discuss whether or not they pose any danger.

Insects 101

First, let’s get some background information on our friend, the June bug. June bugs belong to the genus Phyllophaga or May or June beetles. 

June Bugs are part of the scarab beetle family and come in various colors, including green, yellow, brown, and black. They can grow one inch long and usually have six legs with two antennae.

Do June Bugs Bite?

The answer is no! While their buzzing can be annoying, these beetles don’t bite humans or pets. But that doesn’t mean they’re completely harmless. 

When it comes to plants, however, it’s another story entirely. These bugs tend to chow down on grasses and other vegetation, which can cause significant damage over time if left unchecked. 

Learn more about how they can damage your lawn. 

What Attracts Them?

Why do we see so many of them during June? These bugs thrive in warm weather with plenty of moisture. So summertime, they come out in full force, looking for food sources like flowers and grasses. 

Since this is also when most people are outdoors enjoying their gardens or simply taking walks around their neighborhood, it’s easy to spot them buzzing about!

Pesky, But Not Dangerous to Humans or Animals

So there you have it! You don’t have to wonder if June Bugs bite. They may be pesky pests that seem determined to crash your summer parties. But luckily for us, they don’t pose any real threat beyond being an irritating nuisance! 

Whether you’re worried about your garden or simply trying to enjoy some outdoor time without being bothered by an incessant buzz—now you know why you’re seeing so many around this time of year and what (or who) exactly is causing all the commotion!

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