landscaping mistakes, lawn care, lawn maintenanceLandscaping is easy. Just head over to your local home and garden store, grab some plants you like, a couple of bags of mulch, and a few garden tools, and you’re all set. Right? If only it were that easy. If you plan to DIY your flowerbeds and lawn, here are four common landscaping mistakes to avoid.

1. Planting in the Wrong Spot

Just because a plant looks nice in a spot doesn’t mean it’s the best place to plant it. First, you need to understand what the plant requires. How much sunlight does it need? How much water? Does it grow best in dirt beds, rocky beds, or mulch? If you don’t consider what the plant needs, it might not reach its potential – or worse, it might die.

Also, avoid installing plants along your home’s foundation that will quickly outgrow the space. You may have fallen in love with a shrub, plant, or tree, but that love may turn sour when it becomes a nuisance when you are continually trimming it to fit the space you’ve chosen to plant it. Plus, some trees and shrubs can damage the home or gutters.

2. Poor Pruning Habits

Pruning is healthy for plants unless you’re using poor pruning habits, which can damage the plant and the look of your landscaping. A good rule of thumb is to stick to pruning 10-15% at one time to avoid causing trauma to the plant and inhibiting growth. Also, winter is the best time to prune. When done sparingly, spring and summer pruning is okay, but avoid cutting your plants back in the fall altogether. Oh! Also, don’t forget to use a nice pair of sharp shears. Clean cuts will help prevent disease and infection.

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3. Overwatering

Overwatering is an easily avoided common landscaping mistake. Many homeowners overestimate the hardiness of trees and plants. Unless they exhibit signs of dehydration (yellow/brown colors, wilted leaves, slow growth), they are likely getting all they need. Some exceptions do apply, so make sure you know what your plants need. Another watering tip is to examine your soil. If it’s clay, you shouldn’t have issues with water retention. If it’s mostly sand, you’ll need to water more often.  

4. Cutting the Grass Too Low

While it looks great on a golf course, cutting your grass like a putting green is asking for trouble. When you cut your grass too short, you remove too much of the leaf surface, which damages its ability to perform photosynthesis. Short grass also produces weak, unhealthy roots that struggle to absorb nutrients. Your grass height should be approximately 2.5-3 inches high for the best results.

Avoid Common Landscaping Mistakes

It doesn’t matter if you’re a landscaping rookie or a seasoned veteran; avoiding these common landscaping mistakes will bring you significant benefits. The key is carefully managing your lawn, working on it regularly, and understanding what your plants do and don’t need.

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