Five Spring Gardening Tips, landscaping, mulch, lawn care, northwest arkansas, service, weeding, soil prepIt’s time for everything to come back to life after a long slumber. Plenty of work to do to get your garden back in shape after winter. So, get ready to get dirty with these five spring gardening tips.

Clear Debris & Prep the Soil

Your first step is to remove any accumulated debris in your garden. Next, prep the soil by tilling it and adding compost. Revitalize the soil by adding moisture. However, avoid overwatering since the excess water, in the beginning, can stunt plant growth. 

Note: Avoid tilling soggy soil. Tilling the ground when wet and soggy from weeks of spring rain tends to compact when disturbed. 

Weeding is a Must

Weeds are likely to advantage of your winter activity, so it’s probably full of weeds. Make sure to remove them at the root so it reduces the risk of regrowth. 

It’s Time to Prune!

Plants that survived the winter need pruning to grow anew in the spring. However, you might want to wait until any freeze threat passes. The best time to prune them is right after they bloom to avoid cutting off future flowers. Prune summer plants in early spring. 

Add Fresh Mulch

The best time-saving measure you can do for yourself and your gardens is to apply mulch. Mulching helps the soil retain moisture and keep weeds at bay all summer, keeping your flowerbeds polished. Spread one to three inches of mulch across the area. Leave a few inches of space around the stems to prevent root rot. 

Add New Flowers and Shrubs

Now that you’ve gotten everything in shape, it’s time to turn your attention to adding new plants, such as:

We recommend planting more perennials rather than annuals. Perennials last for two to three years and typically survive winter frosts, whereas you’ll have to replant annuals each year. 

Spring Gardening Tips for the Rest of the Season

So, what do you do for the rest of spring to keep your garden healthy? Here are some quick maintenance tips to get you through late spring. 


  • Consider new flower beds
  • Plant hardy annuals 
  • Transplant seeds
  • Mulch

Late Spring

  • Deadhead and remove bulbs
  • Prune flowering shrubs 

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